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Electronics 29 Jun 2006 06:00 am by info

Bye-Bye Pink?

d&g_razor.jpgDolce & Gabbana Motorola RAZR V3i

You can have a designer cell phone too. Dolce & Gabbana and Motorola released 1,000 gold Motorola RAZR V3i phones that are being sold exclusively through Dolce & Gabbana boutiques worldwide. The V3i has the popular slim RAZR shape, a pretty gold metallic finish, and runs on Apple’s iTunes software. It also “comes with a fashionable lanyard and is loaded with DG ringtones, screen savers & wallpapers.” Matching accessories for the Motorazr V3i Dolce & Gabbana can be purchased separately. You can check it out at and sign up to find out when it’ll be available in the U.S. market.

$599 at

Jewelry 28 Jun 2006 16:27 pm by info

Jennifer Aniston’s Gold Leaf Necklace Remix

gold_leaf_necklace0000.jpgGara Danielle Necklaces

I love Jennifer Aniston’s gold leaf necklace in the recent film “The Break Up,” but the beautiful piece by Jennifer Meyer costs $1200- which holds me back from having it right this minute. So, I found something just as lovely by Gara Danielle for $150. It’s not exactly the same, since it has twilight charms or farm charms added to the leaf, but the charms are all very cute.

Gara Danielle also has beautiful lockets with nautical or girlie charms and a small tusk necklace that are adorable too!

All the necklaces are $150, except the small tusk one is $161(middle). Available at

Accessories and Jewelry 27 Jun 2006 13:28 pm by info

Go Chunky Gold and Certainly Woven

cc_skye_nicole_richie.jpgCC Skye and Cara Accessories

I guess Nicole Richie is responsible for this new trend as she’s been spotted wearing CC Skye’s Italian Leather Woven Gold Chain Bracelet in L.A. and on her reality show, The Simple Life 4. This design has been rapidly popping up on bikinis (Michael Kors), halters, belts, and headbands. The Cara Accessories Headband is ultra trendy incorporating the woven chain look with the headband all celebrities seem to be wearing lately.

Double Wrap Bracelet 
$300 at

Cara Accessories Headband
$42 at

Handbags 27 Jun 2006 11:28 am by info

Most Wanted: Hermès Birkin Bag

victoria_beckham_birkin.jpgThe Hermès Birkin bag craze started in 1984 with actress Jane Birkin when she replaced her straw purse with what is now known as the Hermès Birkin bag. This luxury leather number has the longest waiting list for any accessory- anywhere from two to six years! They cost about $6000 each ($4000-$80,0000 depending on the leather or skin used) and have been seen on stars like Madonna, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham (pictured here). There’s no question that if you’re carrying around one of these, it means status. You can visit the official Hermès site at

Singer 22 - March 2008
Bottoms and Clothing 24 Jun 2006 18:00 pm by info

Lindsay Lohan Wears Brown Label shorts

lindsay_lohan_bl_shorts.jpgBrown Label Jeans Riviera Hepburn Short Stretch

These Brown Label shorts were designed by Jason Verhoeven, whose inspiration is “Modern America, bringing the fusion of cultures and lifestyles together” for his label.

The adorable 5 pocket shorts with big contrast stitching, worn by Lindsay Lohan, has Brown Label?s signature embroidery on the back slit pockets. Although I do question Lindsay Lohan’s taste in clothing sometimes, these shorts are hot, minus the rest of her outfit. Lohan’s shorts are called “Riviera” and the darker pair are called “Kelly.”

$189 at

Handbags and Totes 23 Jun 2006 06:00 am by info

Buckle up your Seatbelt…Bag

seatbelt_logo0000.gifHarveys Seatbeltbag

Husband and wife Dana and Melanie Harvey came up with the idea for these bags while installing seatbelts into their 1950 Buick. Their bags have quickly gained popularity and they’ve added many new cute styles to their collection. The Harveys have come out with everything from hobos, totes, baguettes, messenger, clutches, and even diaper bags. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites from their site at They’ve certainly given the old seatbelt a unique twist and created some damn cute bags.

Carriage Large Hobo-Zip/Buckle $210.00
Carriage Baguette-Zip/Buckle $180.00
Carriage Medium Tote Zip $187.00
Large Tote w/zip $108.00

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