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Accessories 31 Jul 2006 23:00 pm by info

Best-Dressed Kate Moss Goes Shopping At Gas Station In Tom Ford Sunglasses

kate_moss_sunglasses_2.jpgTom Ford Eyewear Whitney Sunglasses

Kate Moss was spotted leaving the Halkins hotel and shopping for a few goodies at the Shell gas station. She never took off her Tom Ford sunglasses, which I understand because he’s the guy who made Gucci. What more can you say? But if you’re not Kate Moss, wearing sunglasses inside is kind of like wearing a life jacket on land. Moss also landed the top spot on “Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed List” today.

$300.00 at Bergdorf Goodman





Celebrity and News 31 Jul 2006 20:00 pm by info

Paris Hilton’s Personal Jewelry and Other Items Sold On Ebay

paris_hilton_ebay.jpg“If Paris Hilton has learned anything in her time as the first lady of the Hollywood club scene, it’s that you need to make sure your storage space is paid every month.

As TMZ first reported, the Hilton’s hired a small moving company to store Paris’ belonging’s at a Los Angeles facility. The company did not pay the the full storage bill and now an eBay seller has emerged with what they claim to be items from the unit auctioned off earlier this year. The auction contains a treasure trove of signature pieces including chokers, tiaras, earrings and a myriad of other costume jewelry once owned by Hilton.”

Paris’s stuff is at the bottom of the page on the list of items on sale. Some of the items being sold are shown below.




Clothing and Tops 31 Jul 2006 17:00 pm by info

Found! Kate Hudson’s Michelle Mason Vest

kate_hudson_trl0001.jpgMichelle Mason Silk Strap Vest

Hi everyone! I have some good news. Sooo many people have been asking me where they can get the white Michelle Mason vest that Kate Hudson wore on TRL, so I contacted Michelle Mason myself and they e-mailed me back with some answers. Yay! For the rest of her outfit, go here.

$220 at

Accessories 31 Jul 2006 15:00 pm by info

Vanessa Minnillo Walking In New York

vanessa_minillo_sunglasses.jpgDior Night Crystal Logo Sunglasses

Vannessa Minnillo has been in the spotlight a lot recently due to her latest hook up with Nick Lachey. Here she is earlier this week in New York looking casual in Dior shades.

$240.00 at

Vannessa’s flip-flops here $16


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Celebrity and News 31 Jul 2006 10:00 am by info

Scarlett Johannson and Josh Hartnett in “The Black Dahlia”

scarlett_josh_2.jpg“The Black Dahlia”

-Who’s in it? Josh Hartnett , Scarlett Johansson , Hilary Swank , Mark Wahlberg , Rose McGowan

-What’s it about? On January 15, 1947, the tortured body of a beautiful young woman was found in a vacant lot in Hollywood. Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, a young Hollywood hopeful, had been brutally murdered. Her murder sparked one of the greatest manhunts in California history. In this fictionalized treatment of a real case, Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard, both LA cops obsessed with the Black Dahlia, journey through the seamy underside of Hollywood to the core of the dead girl’s twisted life. Based on the book by James (“LA Confidential”) Ellroy.

In theaters 9-15-06. Scarlett looks so pretty in the fashion of the late 40s. It suits her well. The murder mystery is looking good too.


Jewelry 31 Jul 2006 09:00 am by info

Lindsay Lohan’s Orange Hermes Bracelet

lindsay_lohan_hermes_7.jpgHermes Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan: “Yeah, I like to collect a lot; I collect pieces, I really like fashion. I collect Hermes Bangles; I’ve got like a stack of them.” (Movieweb)

The orange one seems to be her favorite. She wore this bracelet on several occasions, including her 20th birthday party. The bracelets come in black, pink, and red.

Lindsay’s other bracelets

$455 at


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