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Bottoms and Clothing 30 Sep 2007 12:00 pm by Susan

Kim Kardashian in Diane Von Furstenberg

kimkardashinainter.jpgKim Kardashian was at the Intermix Los Angeles Store Debut on September 25th in these wide leg jeans by Diane Von Furstenberg.

Gavin Wide Leg Jeans: Indigo
$325 at




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Clothing and Dresses 30 Sep 2007 06:00 am by Susan

Nicky Hilton in Karta

nickyhiltonteq.jpgNicky Hilton was at the “Honitos Tequila” launch party at Opera nightclub in Hollywood on September 20th in this black dress by Karta. Her eyes are reaaally blue.

Allover Studded Mini Dress
$216 at 




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Clothing and Tops 29 Sep 2007 12:00 pm by Susan

Kate Bosworth in 3.1 Phillip Lim

katebosworthacrosstheunex.jpgKate Bosworth attended a special screeing of Across The Universe on September 18th to support her 21 co-star Jim Sturgess in this white top by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Gemstone Tee
$265 at



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Clothing and Dresses 29 Sep 2007 06:00 am by Susan

Michelle Trachtenberg in Foley + Corinna

michelle2.jpgMichelle Trachtenberg attended the Conde Nast Media Group Presents Fashion Rocks on September 6th sparkling in this dress by Foley + Corinna. She looks like she can be the next Dita Von Teese.

Sequin 3/4 Sleeve Dress




Tags: Foley + Corinna, Michelle Trachtenberg
Singer 22 - March 2008
Clothing and Dresses 28 Sep 2007 12:00 pm by Susan

Hayden Panettiere in What Comes Around Goes Around

haydenpanettiere.jpgHere are some recent candids of Hayden Panettiere in a black sequin mini by What Comes Around Goes Around at the Fuse Network Studios in New York. This girl is everywhere these days and quickly becoming the new Paris, but with a job.
Anita Dress
$450 at 




Tags: Hayden Panettiere, What Comes Around Goes Around
Clothing and Dresses 28 Sep 2007 06:00 am by Susan

Lauren Conrad in Alexander Wang

laurenconrad2.jpgLauren Conrad was at the “Honitos Tequila” Launch Party in Hollywood on September 20th in this strapless dress by Alexander Wang. I’m surprised that she isn’t wearing anything from her own clothing line that launched its website recently.

Strapless Dress
$780 at 




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