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Coupons 30 Jun 2008 20:00 pm by Susan

Pink Mascara Sale

Pink Mascara Fashion Designer Sale

Clothing and Dresses 30 Jun 2008 06:00 am by Susan

Brittany Snow in Alicia + Olivia


Brittany Snow attended the Stride Gum party at Crown Bar in an Alice + Olivia dress on June 20th.

Alice + Olivia Floral Poof Dress
$367 at



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Clothing and Dresses 29 Jun 2008 06:00 am by Susan

Emmy Rossum in 3.1 Philip Lim


Emmy Rossum wore a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress to the designer’s Los Angeles store opening party in West Hollywood on June 19th.

Sleeveless Draped Dress
$525 at



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Clothing and Dresses 28 Jun 2008 06:00 am by Susan

Hilary Duff in 3.1 Phillip Lim


Hilary Duff was spotted with sister Haylie, as well as boyfriend Mike Comrie at last night’s Cartier Love Charity Bracelet launch party on June 18th.

Strapless Cocktail
$595 at



Tags: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Hilary Duff
Revolve Clothing
Clothing and Dresses 27 Jun 2008 06:00 am by Susan

Kate Hudson in Juicy Couture


Recently finished with the filming of Bride Wars, Kate Hudson was spotted out on June 5th taking a leisurely stroll in New York City.

The Fool’s Gold babe, who looked cute in a spaghetti-strapped striped dress by Juicy Couture, grabbed up her daily cup of coffee before moving along and continuing to enjoy her first day away from the set.

Lace Front Dress
$198 at



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Clothing and Dresses 26 Jun 2008 06:00 am by Susan

Salma Hayek in Juicy Couture


Salma Hayek and her little angel Valentina popped into Tart on Melrose Ave on June 14th. Salma wore this paisley dress by Juicy Couture for their outing.

Paisley Maxi Dress
$298 at



Tags: Juicy Couture, Salma Hayek

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