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Cuban Cigars: Things You Need to Know

The best Cuban cigars are widely considered to be some of the world’s finest and this tiny Caribbean country has long been famous for the production of such fine products. Whilst the process by which these cigars are made is very much the same as other nations, there are certain details and characteristics which make a Cuban cigar that little bit different, and a touch more special. If you are new to cigar smoking then you will no doubt have heard about these cigars, something which we will be getting into today.

What Makes a Cigar Cuban?

Whilst Cuban cigars are made in the same way as any other, this process involves picking leaves by hand, drying the leaves out for 3 months and then being rolled into cigars. The key difference when it comes to a Cuban cigar however, is found in what is known as the ‘Ligero’ the top leaves of the tobacco plant. Ultimately thanks to the soil, range of temperatures and levels of precipitation, these leaves are considered some of the finest in the world. If you think about the wine regions where the finest grapes are grown, the same goes for tobacco growing regions, and Cuba’s Pinar del Rio is one of the finest on the planet. 

Strength and Flavor

In terms of what makes that tobacco which is grown in Cuba so great, it is the strength of the tobacco and the rich depth of flavor which it offers. Generally one can expect woody, spicy and deep earthy notes when enjoying a Cuban cigar. The complexity of the flavor of these cigars mean that everyone has a different experience. For example a beginner may miss many of the notes in the flavor profile, whereas a long time aficionado would pick up all of these great details. Regardless of what you detect however, all will enjoy the richness of a Cuban cigar.

Are Cubans Over Hyped?

Some people suggest that Cuban cigars are overhyped, and suggest that the illegality of them in the US for so long contributes towards this. The reality however is that cigar smokers the world over revere these cigars and some of the most experienced aficionados note that Cubans are still the world’s finest. The hype is very much real, and that is why they are some of the most sought after cigars.

How To Pair

When it comes to enjoying a Cuban cigar with a drink, they are highly flexible and can be comfortably paired with most cognacs, scotch or brandy. Some people claim that the best pairing for this cigar however is port wine, which provides a certain sweetness that really brings out the earthier tones in the cigar. The best approach here would be to try a number of high quality drinks and see which you prefer, after all this is very much a personal experience. 

If you can get your hands one Cuban cigars then you will be in for a truly enjoyable and high class experience.