August 6, 2020 0 Comments DIY / Home Improvement

The Vinyl Conflict

The Choice Between Tile and Planks

So you have decided to look into Luxury Vinyl Flooring for your home and decided to browse what options are available to help you gauge which is more suitable for you.

What you may be finding is that many blogs and articles will sell you on both, but which ones help you choose? Here we will discuss what many people get satisfaction from either plank or tile vinyl in different instances to help you consider the possibilities.

Living Spaces That Live

Unsurprisingly many people choose a wood effect flooring option for their living room area, especially if it sees a lot of sunlight.

Light woods give the room a breezy feel and a back to nature vibe which is pleasant when the sun hits. However, people also choose dark wood vinyl for its wonderful reflective qualities during the day and especially at night. Nothing looks better than the seductive look of your fireplace reflected on a dark wood floor on those chill out evenings.

No Cold Kitchen

The number one look for the kitchen these days is no shock that stone-styled tile such as slate.

With high traffic volume especially if your kitchen links to the back garden, the durable flooring sure can take a pounding whether its footsteps or dropped crockery or food. The beauty of having a stone effect is complimented for those with graphite worktops and although it looks like stone, it feels incredibly comfortable underfoot and stays that way with its cushioned tendencies.

Bathroom to Chillax

The Bathroom can offer plenty of scope for design opportunities with vinyl.

Whether you want a porcelain look to match your fixtures, a wooden plank feel for a comforting vibe or a black tile effect for that professional corporate feel, you are not lost for choices.

With the added bonus of vinyl’s protective properties when it comes to room moisture, you won’t be replacing any sections any time soon. The slip resistance and waterproof tendencies also are a huge plus to ensure that maximum care is taken on you when you just want to enjoy a little peace time.

Sleeping Comfortably

The bedroom doesn’t necessarily need a carpet for comfort. Indeed a lot of families prefer the plank effect in their room now more than ever before.

If you want comfort then the option of installing underfloor heating means that vinyl is your perfect companion piece. Giving you a room that feels snug as well as cosy steps whenever you have to get up during the night or those first morning movements. 

Having this option in your children’s bedrooms also is a great choice due to the durability and easy clean options presented.

Look for Excellence in Supply

So now you have some ideas of what can work for your home, so now you just need to know where to look to get the very best options. Thankfully, there are amazing suppliers with the very best in reliable, stylish and creative designs to match your moods.

Amtico is the number one supplier of luxury vinyl flooring throughout the nation with an electric range of fantastic styles within their Form, Spacia and Signature collections. Check out Verbier Oak, Trace Raku and even Tempus Harmony to really impress your state of mind.

Luvanto is an incredibly popular UK supplier who specialise in immaculately detailed and creative vinyl options within their Parquet, Herringbone and Endure Pro ranges. Check out some of their impressive selections such as Antique Oak, Bleached Larch and White Sparkle to witness true innovation in flooring design.

The last ace to play here is Invictus who bring any environment stunning natural elements which fit well into any style of room. Contemporary, vintage, or layering patterns for distinct themes and colours.

Always remember that your home can be varied and it’s all about finding the right feel and identity, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little.