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Are Facebook Ads Better Than Google Ads?

For owners of businesses both big and small, advertising plays a massive role in their success. In an ever-changing digital landscape, brands can’t afford to lack in online advertising. The money spent on digital advertising worldwide is on track to reach 375 billion dollars by next year.

To stand out among the masses of competition in the digital world, understanding how to use Facebook vs Google Ads is crucial. Do you know the difference between Facebook ads and Google Ads? While the two may seem similar, there are some key differences to note when designing your digital advertising campaign.

This article will compare Google Ads and Facebook Ads services to help you determine which is better for your brand. For more on these popular advertising tactics, read on for our basic guide.

1. Why Use Facebook Ads

In the last decade, it’s become difficult to ignore the power that social media holds. Whether it’s to connect to potential customers, drive sales, or promote an event, Facebook is one of the most useful sites for brands.

If you’re interested in increasing brand awareness or growing your brand’s following, Facebook Ads may be the best option for you. Using Facebook Ads for eCommerce can also produce optimal results for an online shop or marketplace.

Facebook Ads allow you to tailor your budget and target potential customers in a specific area, age demographic, or interest group. Based on a user’s previous behavior online, your ads can show up on the timelines of your most viable target audience. This is one of the top ways to boost your brand recognition and connect with a wider audience.

2. Why Use Google Ads

As the most popular search engine in the world, there are about 3.5 billion searches on Google per day. Using Google Ads is one of the best ways to reach customers actively searching for a service or product in your market. Based on specific keywords, your links will pop up in the search engines of potential customers looking to make a purchase.

Google Ads functions on a Pay Per Click (PPC) format. This means that you’ll only pay when a customer clicks on your ad in a search engine. Google Ads help you to reach the top of the search list for your specific market.

3. Facebook vs Google Ads

So, should you use Facebook Ads or Google Ads for your business? It depends on your desired outcome.

While Google Ads function on a PPC format, Facebook Ads function on a Pay Per Impression (PPI) format. This means that the amount of people your ads reach on Facebook depends on how much you pay.

If you’re looking to reach customers based on their social behavior and spread brand awareness, consider Facebook Ads. If you’re looking to make sales to customers actively searching for you, consider using Google Ads. Ultimately, both sites are effective and imperative for growing your business.

Invest In Digital Advertising Today

As a business owner, it’s important to harness the power of social media and search engines to grow your brand. Now that you know some key differences between Facebook vs Google Ads, what are you waiting for? Get started on planning your digital advertising campaign today.

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