October 4, 2019 0 Comments Business

Google AdWords vs Cryptocurrency PR Company

As an expert in the Cryptocurrency industry you may wonder if you are better continuing to invest your marketing budget in Google AdWords campaigns or better off hiring a Cryptocurrency PR Company.

Let’s face it, we all feel at times that our Google AdWords spend is like throwing money on a fire. Back in the day it was like radio or TV advertising, your money was spent, your advert was aired and then gone, never to be heard or seen again, without spending more money. Unless someone managed to catch your advert on their cassette mix tape of VHS video recording of their favourite TV show. Along came the PR industry and suddenly you could have your company name spread across several media channels, resulting in longer lasting coverage, sometimes even immortalised, for at least a few months anyway in a dentists’ waiting room, in glossy magazines.

So how do you find a decent Cryptocurrency PR Company, and can they really replace a large chunk of your AdWords budget with results that will hang around longer than a glossy magazine?

What Can a Cryptocurrency PR Company Achieve?

First of all its good to understand how a Digital PR Company differs from a traditional PR Agency. Digital PR firms utilise technology and based on keywords place media coverage with journalists. Frankly its similar to SEO work, they thoroughly analyse the keywords likely to appear in news feeds which are relevant such as cryptocurrency, bitcoin, dogecoin, and litecoin. Then they create media pitches linked to each keyword to promote the client as an expert in that field. Once a breaking news article breaks, the media campaign for that keyword is blitzed out to all journalists relevant to that term providing them with the media campaign and contact details for the expert who can be interviewed on the subject and a link to their website. Essentially the journalist is fed a hot news item with resources required to write a killer article.

What does this achieve? Well often very fast results. Journalists reach out to the client for quotes on the subject of the news item, or put a link to the client’s website in their article or post. This rapidly builds the credibility of the client across various media locations, drawing potential customers to them, and often several customer conversions within a short period.

What’s the Long-Term Benefit to a Cryptocurrency Company?

As earlier discussed, PR has a lasting footprint, unlike AdWords, the campaign lives on with articles and posts published far and wide referencing the Cryptocurrency firm as an expert in their field, and providing high value backlinks to the client’s website which will reap ongoing clickthrough’s.

It’s clear that a Cryptocurrency PR firm can add long term marketing value to a company in the Cryptocurrency sector, either consultants, advisors, or brokers. Any company in the Cryptocurrency space ignore this avenue of promotion is missing out on a rapid and effective source of customer leads, and a boost to their reputation.