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Stay Calm and Keep Marketing

Businesses that serve a local clientele need to be intimate within the way they enter the lives of their leads.

Local businesses, such as dentistries, insurers and landscapers, deal with a consumer that shares cultural experiences and backgrounds among one another. Direct mail, with its ability to use locality as a marketing tool, is ideal if you want to leverage the actual doorsteps where your potential leads are.

Nothing quite says, “Hello,” or, “We care,” stronger than a business that speaks to a consumer who’s only around the corner. It’s never a good thing if your leads feel that you’re “far away.” Time is precious, and through direct mailings, you can celebrate life with your local leads by reminding them about what matters to us all.

2020 is a time to encourage, praise and inspire people with your marketing. Below are a few options you have toward inspiring your leads to believe in the future while reminding them that you’re ready to do business when they need it.

Leveraging Social Media for New Addresses

You’ll miss out on new contacts if you don’t collect addresses from social media. Not only do sites like Facebook show addresses within some profiles, but the site’s messaging tool is a good way for you to present the professional side of your business. You’ll first need a business profile to make your outreach on social media appear legit. Once you have that profile to showcase, send greetings to people within your social circles.

The best approach, if you want to avoid being seen as spam, is to ask your circle of friends about what they care about and need. Canvas people on social media in a way that gets them passionate about something they believe in. Consider, depending on the industry you’re in, what your consumer has a desire to achieve.

Ask them if you can send materials to their homes that can achieve their goals.

Now take into consideration that the leads you collect from social media are closer to your point of sales than the “blind addresses” that you acquire by other means. Try to nurture all of the leads you gain from social media, for any address you acquire, due to the fact that someone gives it to you directly, is an ideal contact.

Sending Thoughtful Postcards

American culture, as perceived around the world, is thought to be busy and preoccupied. The mental stigma that we all live with, however, can still be penetrated when we greet others with thoughts of consideration and care. We recommend sending postcards because they’re gifts. Postcards are meant to be kept, placed on the fridge or on someone’s desk. Your aim should be to remind your local consumer that your brand truly cares.

Simple templates are all you need when creating a postcard that gets into the hearts of your leads. Just remember that no matter how professional your target audience is, there’s always room within them to receive a genuine message of charity and understanding. Online services now provide postcards that you can choose from a database and even track once you send a batch out. Try incorporating the following when choosing your postcard message or design:

– Being Human—The more human you are, the more receptive your receiver is likely to be. Using direct mail as a marketing tool gives you the hope of standing out from the internet. You won’t stand out from online marketing, however, if you arrive at the front door of your leads as a business in need. Via postcards, tell your leads how you want to celebrate life, for business can wait.

– Asking to See Them Again—The satisfaction we gain from friendships establishes within us the desire to be loved, and these are powerful emotions that can be used within your postcard message. Sending wishes to see them again might confuse some readers at first, but doing so also inspires people to find out who a message is from. Remind them that you’re always there to help.

– Sending Real Hugs—Cheerful spirits are contagious, and this might be even more true when a person doesn’t expect to receive a thoughtful message. Without asking them to take any action, send your leads positive vibes and happy ideas for the sole sake of making them feel good. You can leave a brand image somewhere for them to see, but you don’t want to center your brand on a postcard.

Reconnecting with Clients via Care Packages

Care packages, through direct mail, allow you to give “freebies” to your leads. The cost of care packages, be it due to you sending meals, tools or wearables, means that you should reserve them for active buyers. The gifts in a care package show your consumer that you appreciate their investment in you. Just be strategic with your costs, for you want to, ideally, let consumer spending cover the costs of your marketing freebies.

Start a Charitable Movement

A charitable movement can build your public brand in a way that dissociates it with the idea of selling. You never want to mislead potential buyers by not stating who your brand is or what it does, but you also want to connect with your leads without them having to buy from you.

Your ultimate objective, regarding your charitable event, is to show your public market that you’re working in their favor. In the future, when your leads need your services, the public rally that you’ve generated from direct mail can remind them of why they can trust your services today and forever. Here are some tips that can maximize your lead generation when direct mailing for a charitable cause:

– Understanding What People Need—Study and research is needed if you only want to promote charitable projects that people care about. You must avoid using charitable events to forward your personal gain. What you might think is a good cause, for example, may turn out to be useless within the eyes of your leads. Ask them about what they are passionate about improving within the world.

– Looking Deeply into the Resources—It’s OK if you look for ways to reduce your philanthropic costs, for you might discover resources that not only minimize your risks but that maximize your impact. Measuring your resources is about ensuring that you also have the means to achieve your charitable milestones.

Offering Discounts—Cross Promote with Local Businesses

Direct mailings are ideal for sending discounts and coupons from your business.

Some of the leads you reach might not know you, so introducing your brand through discounts and prizes can effectively build a clientele of new buyers. Consider the long-term conditions regarding the products or services you offer; then organize your discounts in a way that makes people want to upgrade into better services.

Work with local businesses to create promotional material for these top industries:

– Landscaping

– General Contracting

– Finance

– Real Estate

– Retail

Every day is an opportunity to think more strategically about your consumer.

While millions of marketers focus online, you can take advantage of a proven tool that has performed well for over 100 years. Just be sure to direct mail your leads with sincerity; consider what they need before telling them that you can help. A heartfelt message these days is sure to cheer the hearts of people everywhere.

Just be honest about the fact that you’re a real business with a great service.