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Tips for Making Your Next Airport Experience Easy and Comfortable

Did you know that every day, over 2.9 million people get on flights? We live in a wonderful time where travel isn’t just more accessible, but also, more affordable.

Maybe you’re treating yourself to a trip soon. Whether you’re new to flying or are a well-seasoned traveler, flying can be a real pain, especially if you’re traveling long-distance. However, there are a few ways you can make the journey easier on yourself.

Curious? Then read on. We’ll give you some great tips to travel comfortably on your next trip!

Check in Early

Today, most (if not all) airlines allow you to check in from the comforts of your home a day before your flight. We highly recommend taking advance of this for several reasons.

For one, it can help lessen stress on the actual day of your flight. It’s already stressful enough, trying to gather all your luggage, documents, and more. Why not tick this task off the list early when possible?

Also, checking in early can save you money. Many airlines will charge you a small fee to print out your boarding pass at the airport. But if you check in online the day before, then not only can you save some money, but you’ll also already have your boarding pass in hand before you arrive.

On that note, this also means you don’t have to wait in those long check-in lines. Other benefits include selecting your seat early and saving some money on your extra check-in baggage, which usually cost more on the spot.

Put Some Essentials Into Your Carry-On Bag

You’ll most likely check in your main baggage. But all airlines allow you to take a carry-on bag, so take full advantage of it!

Here are some travel necessities you’ll want to put in there:

  • Small bags of snacks (handy for when you have rushed layovers)
  • Empty water bottle (you can fill it up after you get through security, as well as on the plane)
  • Good book(s)
  • Good-quality earbuds or headphones (we highly recommend noise-cancelling ones)
  • Portable music player (or load music on your smartphone beforehand)
  • Portable charger
  • USB cords and/or phone cords
  • Portable gaming device
  • Pens and pencils
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lotion
  • Travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Eye mask
  • Neck pillow (you can actually wear this on your neck to save some space in your bag)

We’ve mentioned bringing devices and their chargers, but you should always charge everything fully the day before. That way, if anything happens to your portable chargers, or if you can’t find outlets, you’ll still start off strong for the juice in your devices.

We also suggest dressing in comfortable travel clothes, like sweatpants and slip-on shoes. Bring a jacket or coat so if you get chilly or hot during the flight, you can easily put on or take it off. Dressing in layers is always a wise choice.

Having these little goodies can make all the difference between an uncomfortable, boring flight and a nice, restful, and interesting one.

Leave for the Airport Early

It’s true that you might end up waiting for hours at the airport if you leave your house too early. But surely that’s much better than cutting it close, or worse yet, missing your flight!

You never know if something unlucky’s going to happen. Maybe your car gets a flat tire, or maybe the main road gets clogged up because of a bad accident.

So do yourself a favor and leave for the airport early. We’d generally suggest 2 hours before your flight for domestic ones, and 3 hours for international flights.

If you have a well-prepared carry-on bag with the items we mentioned above, then you won’t be too bored waiting for your flight.

Stay Hydrated While Flying

There is lower humidity in an airplane, which is why your hair starts sticking up and you get all those static shocks when you walk around on the plane. Not only do these annoying things happen, but you also get dehydrated.

So make sure you drink plenty of water while you’re on your flight. Keep filling up the water bottle that you’ve brought along with you.

It might be hard, but stay away from alcoholic drinks. Some drink to relax and sleep better, but alcohol is a diuretic, which means it’ll dehydrate you faster.

If you really can’t get to sleep on long-haul flights, then consider asking your doctor for some options before your next trip.

On the other hand, you should avoid sodas as well. The carbonation in the drinks can cause bloating, which can add to discomfort when in the air.

Hire a Car Service

The comfort shouldn’t start the moment you get on the airplane, nor should it stop the second you step off the plane!

Make sure your entire journey is comfortable by using a metro car service instead of public transportation. These provide you with chauffeured luxury cars that’ll get you to and from the airport punctually so you won’t have to worry about missing your flight. You also won’t have to wait around for a bus, shuttle, or train to arrive after a tiring trip.

Not only that, but you won’t have to share a vehicle with others. This can be a much needed and welcomed space after traveling for hours in a plane that’s stuffed with people all around you.

Travel Comfortably With Our Tips

With the above tips, it’s entirely possible to travel comfortably when you get on flights. Make sure you check in early, pack the essentials, stay hydrated, and hire a car service when on the ground. You’ll thank yourself for doing all these things!

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