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7 Office Amenities That Employees Actually Want

While plenty of people are working from home these days, eventually, offices will reopen. If you want your office space to be comfortable and enjoyable, then you need to make some adjustments.

This doesn’t mean adding an extra water cooler or repainting the office walls. You need office amenities that show the workers are valued people.

Give your employees what they want by adding some of these modern amenities to the office.

1. Excellent WiFi

Restaurants, gyms, and public spaces usually have free WiFi for people to enjoy. But how often is that internet reliable?

Excellent WiFi for your staff and guests to use shows everyone your office is connected and ready to work at all times.

2. Outdoor Common Area

While office employees are usually confined to their indoor spaces, an outdoor common area gives everyone the ability to get fresh air and step away from office lighting.

If you want to be more adventurous, you can add an outdoor basketball court so workers can get a little exercise during a lunch break.

3. Security Measures

Does your business or organization get a lot of guests and vendors?

Keeping track of everyone who goes in and out of your building can be difficult. There’s always the chance someone comes into the building looking to steal company secrets, money, or clientele.

Having security officers and key cards can prevent the wrong people from entering your building. Put your workers’ minds at ease, knowing they are safe from unauthorized visitors.

4. Mini Retail Plaza

Most work hours are right in the middle of prime hours for other businesses. Make work a more convenient place by including some retail vendors.

The most helpful vendors would be dry cleaning, banking, and a snack shop. Now your employees don’t have to rush out of the office or come in late because your building has the best office amenities.

5. On-Site Gym

Are you tired of employees missing work for health-related reasons? Get everyone in tip-top shape by having an on-site fitness center.

Having a fitness center open before, during, and after work saves everyone money and time. Your workers will be happier, healthier, and more productive because of health-related amenities in the workplace.

6. Creative Collaboration Rooms

Cubicles are known to kill creativity at times. Meeting with someone in a cubicle to work together can also be distracting.

Add creative collaboration rooms so people can work privately and comfortably, without disrupting other people. These rooms can be the size of a small office with a table, dry erase board, and couches.

7. Game Room

Maybe an associate doesn’t want to work out, snack, or sit outside in their free time. Have a top game room with ping pong, pool, and maybe an arcade game.

Giving a fun outlet for people under stress or needing to relax will make you a favorable employer. If your current location doesn’t have room for games, then consider getting a new office space.

Office Amenities for Everyone

Adding office amenities for when people return to on-site working may be the difference between retaining top talent and recruiting the best workers.

When you come up with ideas for the office, don’t be bland. Let the creative juices flow so everyone can enjoy it.

Stay up-to-date about the latest trends in business, fashion, and technology by checking the rest of our articles. You might find something that will revolutionize your office.