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What to Look for in Online Lawyer Reviews

Finding a good lawyer has never been easy. Whether you need representation for yourself or your company, it is hard to tell who can effectively handle your legal issues. Luckily, in this tech-savvy world, all the information you may need is just a click away.

Today, thanks to online lawyer reviews, anyone who can access the internet can give counsel on which law firms to consider and which ones to avoid. They can achieve this by giving glowing (or derisive) reviews on various sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Super Lawyers. 

These sites give users a chance to describe and then rate their experience with a lawyer or law firm. You can access these reviews whenever you need them. However, some reviews may be misleading and ineffective. So what exactly should you look for in an online lawyer review?

Positive Reviews

1. Competency

Would you ever trust your legal issues with an incompetent lawyer? Hardly. You need someone who knows what they are doing and does it well. Look for a firm whose clients are well pleased with their services, be it from the firm or individual lawyer. The lawyer should maintain the requisite skill and knowledge and keep abreast of the law practice changes.

2. Billing

Remember that feeling you got when you realized you had been overcharged for something? You would not want that when dealing with your lawyer, would you? Be on the lookout when going through the reviews. Take note of any comments on the billing methods of the lawyers or firms. 

You may find advice on lawyers that can give you good representation at an affordable price. Please note any complaints, such as those against lawyers who hike their rates suddenly in the middle of an ongoing case.

3. Lawyer-Client Relationship

It would be best if you found a lawyer with reputable lawyer-client relationships. Most reviews will have comments on how the lawyer dealt with and treated their clients. It would be best if you were keen on this since they tell you a lot about a lawyer or law firm’s professional levels. Those who have a history of treating their clients with respect have a high propensity of treating you with professional respect as well.

4. Communication

As in all lines of work, communication is important in the legal world. Lack of proper communication between lawyers and their clients can prove disastrous in any legal representation. Therefore, you may want to look for a lawyer who is a renowned communicator. This will save you the pitfalls that arise as a result of miscommunication.

5. Credentials

This is one of the best ways to gauge a lawyer’s suitability for your need. A lawyer’s credentials will often distinguish different types of lawyers, for instance, a criminal lawyer from a corporate lawyer. Their years of experience would also increase your chances of hiring the lawyer in question. Beware, however, of misleading credentials that may have been posted unknowingly by a misinformed client.

Negative Reviews

Even as you focus on the positive reviews, it is important to look into the negatives. They inform you of what to avoid and save you the frustrations you would endure at the hands of a rogue lawyer. 

1. Client Neglect

Take heed of reasonable neglect complaints from clients. Any lawyer who has recurring complaints from different clients is a red flag. It would be best if you were cautious when dealing with such lawyers.

2. Ethical Issues

Some clients will complain about lawyers who behaved unethically when dealing with them, or, for instance, lawyers who failed to maintain confidentiality. Such allegations should not be lightly regarded if you value your privacy. 

Before dismissing the thought of considering the accused lawyer, make sure that the claims are on a trustable website and not just a malicious site that is probably out to ruin people’s reputations.

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