August 5, 2019 0 Comments Health & Fitness

6 key advantages of CBD tincture oils

Finding the right cannabidiol (CBD) product can be a challenge for new users.They are also unsure abotu delivery methods. Should they use the tried and true method of vaping with proven products like the IQ2 Vaporizer that provides fast and reliable administering of CBD into your system or take the chance on new methods that claim an equal level of quality delivery? 

In terms of the type of CBD product to use, the market is growing so quickly, with so many companies getting involved, that there are now so many CBD-infused options to choose from. While having such a selection is great, it can be stifling for those who aren’t sure what to get, and end up overanalysing matters.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of trusty CBD tincture oils. These have been around since the hemp-based CBD industry first popped up in the United States, and they tend to have great appeal to all demographics, because of their safety and efficiency. Here are six key advantages of CBD oil. 

Fast CBD delivery 

CBD tinctures are really popular because of the quick effects that come from sublingual absorption. For many users, rapid relief is essential when taking CBD, as it’s the only way to get any genuine therapeutic benefits for their conditions (think neuropathic pain). Tincture oils are intended for administration under the tongue, which allows the active CBD to take effect sooner than if it was consumed orally. 

Research suggests that the floor of the mouth makes for better absorption than the cheeks, with the roof of the mouth offering the lowest absorption rates. Holding for as long as possible before swallowing maximizes the CBD.

No health risks 

For a method of consumption that works so speedily, CBD oil has no health risks. Some enjoy CBD vaping or smoking CBD-rich hemp in a joint, but this is only good for existing vapers and smokers who aren’t so worried about the damage it may do to the lungs. With vaping and smoking, the CBD becomes active a little quicker. But relative to the really slow effects of edibles and other orally taken products, tinctures are an ideal middle-ground. 

Not to mention, as a non-intoxicating substance, CBD does not pose any mental health risks, as marijuana with THC may do, and it’s not addictive either. 

Accurate dosing 

As with any drug, CBD is most effective and helpful when the user knows what their dose is. Frustratingly for those who like to smoke or vape, this isn’t always possible. Cannabinoids are not evenly distributed in hemp buds, and with many vaping products, users can get a gist of how much they’re taking, but rarely down to the milligram.

This is different with Koi CBD tincture oils, which come with a dropper, so small and standardized doses can be administered effortlessly. A product label will either state the quantity of CBD released with each drop, or the total dosage that a full dropper can hold. 

Good for intense pain and inflammation

CBD oil is a suitable treatment for pain and inflammation. Conditions where pain symptoms are really powerful are best medicated with a product that can quickly get to work. This is possible with CBD oil, and why many are taking it to deal with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and similar ailments. Even though there is still intense debate as to whether CBD is really effective for pain relief, the data from CBD users suggests that these products are legitimate, as it’s the leading reason for using CBD.

CBD oil can be used in several ways

Those debating which CBD product to purchase can solve that problem by investing in CBD oil, since it has several uses. Of course, the main way to take this product is as a sublingual oil, for the fast relief. However, for people who want an experience that lasts longer, taking CBD oil orally can work well, either by consuming it directly or by adding to a hot drink to mask the taste. Similar effects can be derived by using CBD as a recipe ingredient. 

In addition, CBD has benefits when applied to the skin. While tinctures are not the most cost-effective way to use CBD topically, it’s still handy to know that it’s possible if in a crisis. Using CBD on the skin can help to relieve swelling and inflammation, and manage infections. 

Lots of options available 

CBD oil is available in many forms, so that all users can find a product tailored to their requirements. There are both low-strength and high-strength oils, which bring out quite different CBD effects. There are oils made with isolate and full-spectrum extracts – the former is for those who want CBD only, while the latter provides a more complete hemp experience. And some products also come with coconut or MCT oil, which essentially makes the CBD stronger.