December 25, 2019 0 Comments Health & Fitness

3 Ways Your Shave Could Be Leaving You Down

When you’re a guy with facial hair, you want to look good on you.

That said some guys do not seem to give much thought to their facial hair.

From beards to goatees to the now and then mustache, some men can get a little lazy with their shaving efforts.

With that notion in mind, is it time you invested a little more effort into shaving your face?

Is a Bad Shave Hurting You?

As a guy, stop for a moment and think about how your shave could be leaving you down.

Among the possibilities would be:

1. In the work world – Given how much you depend on your job to keep a roof over your head, a bad look on the job could prove costly. If your facial hair is not an issue at work, consider yourself to be fortunate. You may be one of the lucky guys in a job where appearance is not of major importance. That said many more men do in fact have to check their appearance before they go out the door each day to head off to work. So, if your shave is leaving you down, it may be time to go online and do shave club reviews. Such reviews could lead you to better shaving accessories. In doing so, you could have a neater and cleaner shave each time. That would be before you hit the office or wherever your job is.

2. In the home – If you have a significant other at home, are they happy with your facial hair? If the answer is no, don’t you think you need to do something about it? The last thing you want is a partner not tickled to death with how your facial hair looks to them. While some women shrug off their guy having facial hair and how it appears, others are stricter. If your efforts are not getting the job done, it may well be time you had some new shaving accessories in your hands. Remember, a bad shave can lead to some sleepless nights in more ways than one.

3. In the dating world – In the event you are trying your hand at dating, how are things going up to now? If you said not all that well, any chance one or more aspects of your appearance are an issue? One such issue could be if you have facial hair and you are not doing a good job of grooming it. If you have pictures online with such hair, are you getting many responses in your dating efforts? It may be time you move ahead with doing a better job of trimming that facial hair. Along with those online reviews of shaving brands on the market, also look at magazines and more. If you have buddies with facial hair, you might want to get their two cents. That is on what shaving accessories they use to take care of their beards and other facial looks.

At the end of the day, having facial hair is not that big of a deal.

When it becomes a bigger deal is when one is not taking care of it.

So, could your shaving efforts be leaving you down?