October 11, 2019 0 Comments Health & Fitness

Cream Formulas VS. Powders: Which Is Best?

The deliberation between cream versus powder formulas has been a lasting question in the makeup industry. Like with most things in life, however, the answer isn’t black and white. There are many of both cream and powder-based products on the market, and no one type is superior to the other.

Powders and creams both have their own advantages and disadvantages — and every makeup enthusiast should have both formulas in their makeup case. Powders, blushes, foundations, eyeshadows — all are available in both formulas, but should you be exclusive to just one in your makeup routine?

These two makeup formulas provide different looks and serve different purposes — so the question is not so much which is better, but which should you use when — and for what?

Blending: Powder

If you are looking to achieve an eyeshadow shade that’s a combination of multiple colours, consider using powder-based products. Powders are generally easier to blend than creams. That said, if you are mixing shades, stick to one formula — don’t try to mix the two different consistencies unless you want a mess of a morning routine.

Coverage: Cream

Cream foundations and concealers provide far more coverage than powder-based products do. At the end of the day, BY TERRY foundation is popular for a reason — cream foundations like this one are also far more likely to cover blemishes and have SPF.

Lasting Power: Powder

According to Cosmopolitan, especially when applied overtop foundation, powder products are longer lasting. They wear better throughout the day as they don’t crease. This is due to the fact that powders stick to the skin and absorb natural skin oils.

Application: Creams

Creams tend to be easier to apply because they are soft and glide on almost effortlessly. Powder products, on the other hand, can be messy due to the granulated nature of powder formulas. This makes even application a little harder, especially when you are applying a product for full coverage like a foundation or a bronzer. Powder requires a lot more time and handwork to get the effect and coverage you need.

Oily Skin: Powder

Powder is best all-around if you are someone who deals with oily skin. This is because powder absorbs oil and provides a more finished, matte look.

Pigment: Creams

Creams have considerably more pigment than powder. This means that not only do you get a more defined colour with cream formulas, but you can also use less than you would if trying to achieve the same colour with a powder product.

Hydration: Creams

Due to the fact that powder products dry and dehydrate the skin, they are not the best product to use if you are lacking moisture. Creams tend to have more nourishing qualities to restore a dull complexion.

Whether you should opt for cream or powder makeup is based on the look you are going for, your type of skin and your application preference.

The one thing to remember, however, is to always pair cream products with cream products and powder items with other powder-based items. Trying to layer a powdered substance on top of a liquid is just a recipe for disaster!