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6 HIIT Exercises Which Will Eviscerate Fat

HIIT exercises are one of the most effective at getting rid of fat and the best part about them is that with the exception of a couple of exercises you don’t need any equipment at all. The only thing you need for these exercises is the will and motivation to do them, as well as a nice open space either in the home, a public park or in the garden.

The best way to approach these exercises is using Tabata which is 20 seconds of exercise then 10 seconds of rest, repeat this 8 times. There are many exercises which you can use and here are the top 6 which will seriously burn that fat.

Mountain Climbers

These are brutal but super effective and after just a few weeks you’ll see a huge difference in strength and a reduction of fat on your thighs and around your hips. Get into a press-up position and with a nice straight back lift your left knee to your chest and then do the same with your right. Don’t rush these, the idea is to be slow and strong.


Burpees are a notorious fat burner and they can help you to also increase stamina and strength. Starting in the push up position you will do a squat  thrust, which is both knees into the chest at the same time, then stand up to do a jumping jack before heading back down to start again. Don’t rush this either, you should be looking for form, not speed.


Planks are great for burning and shaping the core, and you will feel the burn. The basic plank is to put yourself in a press-up position with a straight back and a tucked in butt, instead of having your hands on the ground you should have your elbows down so that your body isn’t far from the floor. Hold the position until the time is up and then go again.

Butt Kicks

This one may be simple but it’ll give you great results. Simply stand up straight with your legs shoulder width apart and when the time starts you should be running on the spot looking to kick your butt with each heel. Great cardio and a real fat burner.


This exercise will burn a lot of fat and it is great for anyone who has a lower body injury who wants some cardio. Stand with your legs a little more than shoulder-width apart, sinking your butt down and punch at your head height, left and right, left and right, until the time is up. Try to avoid lifting your body up, the deeper you are the more effective the exercise is.

Russian Twist

If you ahem a medicine ball then use it for this exercise, if not then anything of weight will help. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and raise your feet off the ground until you feel the tension on your abs. From this position we are looking to put the ball (or the weight) onto the floor on either side. Keeping switching from side to side until the time is up and don’t drop those feet!

With these workouts you’ll notice a real difference in your fat loss very quickly.