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Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Going out can be expensive but what if you have a hot date and you want to impress? One great option is to stay invite him or or her around to your place for a stay-at-home date night. There are so many benefits to staying in, not only that you can save some money but also you can spend time with your date in a comfortable environment and spend some real quality time together without thumping music or drunken fools bumping into you.

Staying at home gives you loads of opportunities to have some fun and here are some ideas which you should consider for your stay-at-home dat night.

Marathon Session

With TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime you and your date can easily settle in for a night of marathon TV show watching. There are so many series out there which will have you instantly hooked and you only need to reach an agreement with your date, garb the popcorn and then go in with both feet. This will be a cool way to spend your time together and after each episode you can have a chat about what went on and how you think things will pan out.

Board Games

As more and more people shun going out, board games are going through something of a renaissance and they make for an awesome date night idea. Whether you decide on Monopoly, Clue or Risk, this will be a fun evening which will pit you against your date for some good fun and plenty of laughter. Board games are very entertaining and the best bit is that you can stop and start as you please, meaning that you can leave the game for a while whilst you get to know your date a little bit better.


Another great idea is to invite your date over for the evening, and prepare something together. To do this right you should have everything prepared ahead of time, so that you date is more a helpful pair of hands rather than the head chef themselves. This is supposed to be fun so pick something that is a little tricky to cook, so that you can enjoy yourselves as you try to work out how it is done. It may sound a bit strange that your date will cook their own meal, but doing this together can be a lot of fun and a great way to break the ice.

Create a Tasting Party

Setting up a tasting night is easy to do and a fun way to spend an evening with your date. Pick wines or sausages, or whatever you like and buy a wide variety of them. Set these up on the table with a pen and paper so that you can both take notes. If you set this up right with foods or drinks that compliment what you are tasting then you and your date will have a real laugh as you compare what each other think about each round.

You don’t have to go out to have a good time and in fact you can enjoy a date even more if you spend it indoors.