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The Best In-Car Games For Your Next Road Trip

For a successful road trip to happen there are some crucial ingredients which are needed, the first is to ensure that there is plenty of music, secondly you must make sure that you are with friends or family who are up for the adventure, thirdly you will need a car which is in ship-shape condition and finally you need to be armed with some awesome games which will keep everyone entertained. You may have thought that we were going to say that the destination is an important ingredient but the truth is that it is not, the journey is what it is all about no matter whether you are driving through Mexico, Brazil, Germany or China. To help your road trip run smoothly, here are the best inc-car games which you can play on your road trip.

Name That Song

An absolute favorite of ours is playing name that song, easy to do and super competitive, especially if the people in the car know their music. Instead of waiting for everyone to shout out the name of the song, let each participant go first and if they get it right its 10 points, if they don’t know it then someone else in the car can jump in and steal for 5 points. This is a game which you can play for as long as you want, perfect for a long road trip.

License Plate Game

An old favorite of road trippers the world over is the license plate game, and the best thing is that you can tailor it however you wish. For example you could decide to look out for new license plates, plates from certain states and try to get all 50 or even plates from different countries. If you wanted to then you could look out for all of the above and put together a points system for each different type of plate. The one thing which there usually isn’t a shortage of when road tripping is other cars!

20 Questions

Another simple yet super fun game to play in the car is 20 questions, all you need to do is to pick a celebrity or a famous person, and the rest of the car have to guess who it is in no more than 20 questions. You are only allowed to answer the questions with yes or no, which makes the game all the more interesting. Take turns until you get bored with the game or until someone gets too frustrated to play anymore.

Picnic Game

This test of memory is another awesome car game to play and it is also a very simple concept. The first person says ‘I am going to a picnic and I am going to bring…’ followed by an item of their choice, the second person must repeat this and add their own item, and so on and so on until someone has to reel off the long list which has been created, miss an item and you’re out of there.

Make sure to plan well ahead of your road trip to ensure that it is the best journey that you have ever been on!