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Tips on Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool For Your Business

If you are running a business then you’ll no doubt be aware of the fact that social media is a great place for you to market yourself. There are many options when it comes to using social media channels and today we are going to focus on some tips when it comes to Facebook marketing. Facebook can be a tool which you invest in for a wider reach, or simply a free marketing tool which allows you to show off your products and services and to interact and engage with your customers. To get more from Facebook marketing, here are some tips which will help you out.

Avoid The Hard Sell

Having so many people in one place it can be tempting to go for the hard sell but this should be avoided at all costs. People open the Facebook app or website to chat with friends, share images and videos which they think are funny and to document their daily events, they do not want to be told what they ‘must buy’ or what they ‘shouldn’t miss out on’. The key is becoming a part of the community and provide value, offering your products and services from time to time.

Use Metrics

Facebook provides businesses with a huge array of metrics which you need to pay attention to as they will help you shape your marketing message in the future. Facebook will give you information such as which demographics engaged most with your post, what time the post received maximum engagement and how many impressions which it has made. These metrics should be studied weekly and then used to tailor your future marketing campaigns.

Get Busy

The Facebook algorithm is tricky to understand but one thing that we do know is that they punish inactivity by showing your posts to less people. Naturally this goes against everything that you are trying to do here which is why you should be posting content regularly. Don’t just post content for the sake of it, make sure that it provides value and will encourage people to engage. In doing this you can ensure that when you do market a product or service, that the maximum amount of people will see it on their news feeds .


Far too many businesses are operational on Facebook and seeking engagement from others, but then fail to engage back. This is something which won’t win you too many customers and this is why a quick reply to messages and to post comments is something which you should be focused on. In doing this you can create a more loyal following and you can add a human touch to your business, which will increase trust between the consumer and your business.

Pictures and Videos

The posts that see the biggest level of engagement and the type of content which Facebook shares more widely are pictures and videos. This is something which you must ensure that you focus on, as you will get far more traction if you use this type of content.

Use Facebook in the right way and it can prove to be a marketing tool which significantly helps your business make more money.