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5 Eco-Friendly Products That Will Change Your Life

It’s no surprise that the planet is headed towards an ecological crisis, but many people don’t realize how close we are. Experts warn that sometime soon, the Earth will reach a point of no return, where nothing we do will help reverse the damage.

To prevent such a moment from coming to fruition, it’s important for every individual across the world to take steps to practice sustainable living. But what are some simple changes that you can make?

Keep reading to learn about five eco-friendly products that will help you practice sustainable living.

1. Sustainable Straws

Most people have seen the graphic pictures of turtles with straws stuck in their noses. Aside from that, plastic straws make their way into oceans and landfills across the world, taking up to 200 years to decompose.

Make a point to use paper straws that decompose naturally, or even better, use stainless steel straws. Use them, wash them, then use them again—all without ever having to throw them out!

2. Paper Snack Bags

Most people don’t realize how many plastic bags they use until they stop using them. Once you stop, look into using paper snack bags for lunches, and even to store food in the freezer or heat it up in the microwave.

As mentioned, paper decomposes in nature, meaning that you won’t have to worry about it taking up space in a landfill for hundreds of years. Paper snack bags can replace both ziplock bags and aluminum foil.

3. Natural Deodorant

You may have heard that natural deodorant is better for you, as it doesn’t have some of the harsh ingredients that traditional deodorants contain. But did you know that it’s also better for the environment?

Natural deodorants help cut down on air pollution, water pollution, wasteful packaging, and many other things. Most will also help you stay as clean as an ordinary deodorant!

4. Bamboo Napkins

Bamboo napkins are a durable alternative to traditional paper napkins. Unlike their single-use alternatives, bamboo napkins allow you to wash them and then use them again dozens of times more.

Bamboo napkins might also help you cut down on food waste by helping you store leftovers properly. Check out this site to learn more facts about food waste.

5. A Bamboo Toothbrush

Another bamboo product, bamboo toothbrushes are one of the easiest things to switch out. Most toothbrushes are made of plastic, and like many other plastic products, end up in our oceans.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is a biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly material, meaning that you can get a glistening white smile without feeling guilty.

Enjoy the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products

Switching to sustainable products might seem like an enormous undertaking, but the truth is that it’s easy to take baby steps in the right direction. Try out some of the eco-friendly products mentioned in this guide, and you can be certain that you’ll be on your way to sustainability in no time.

Do you now have a better understanding of how buying eco-friendly products can have such a profound impact on your wellbeing? Before you go out and get them, take a moment to check out some of our other posts for more guides and tips.