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Best Games To Get Into Esports

An Exciting Sector

There are many reasons to believe that Esports are going to be at the very heart of the entertainment industry in the coming months and years. The home of the latest and best technological updates, filled with huge passionate fans and communities and boasting some of the most thrilling moments of gameplay imaginable, there is plenty going for this emerging scene. 

With the community still growing in size, there has never been a better time to get into this scene, with these games being the ultimate starting point for anyone looking to get involved. 

  • Fifa

Football is still the world’s premier sport. Watched, followed and loved by billions of people right across the globe, it is also the easily the most lucrative sport in the world, with major tournaments such as the Fifa World Cup or UEFA Champions League absolutely worth their weight in gold. Fifa is the ultimate simulation that every football fan needs to, and probably already does, own.  Featuring the most complete and perfected collection of teams, stadiums, badges, kits and players from every league, it is the closest most of us are ever going to come to playing for Real Madrid or lifting the Premier League title. 

With every year’s edition of Fifa, the game’s competitive scene attracts millions of players from around the world. More than twenty million players signed up to play in Fifa 19’s eClub World Cup, with mo-aubameyang sweeping up a cool $250,000 in prize winnings from emerging victorious at the event. Despite losing the rights to Euro 2020 and Italian giants Juventus in this year’s edition, the changes and upheavals promised by gamer producer EA still look set to make this edition one of the best yet. 

  • Fortnite

A real game changer of a release title, it is hard to really put into words the effect and impact Fortnite has had on the gaming and wider world. Through the help of major influencers such as Ninja, Fortnite has become instantly recognisable and a household name in countries all around the world; whether it’s via a good flossing performance, or a classic ‘take the L’ dance, it’s clear to see just how popular and beloved this game has become. 

In the competitive world, Fortnite has become a huge revelation as well. Breathing a new lease of life into the previously untapped battle royale genre, this year’s Fortnite World Cup instantly became one of the most talked about and most lucrative events of the year.

Its prize pool of $30 million smashed all records put before it, winning player ‘bugha’ pocketed more than the winners of Wimbledon and the final of the event secured more viewers than the likes of the Champions League Final and the latest Super Bowl. It’s unsurprising with such a hotly talked about platform that the betting and wagering scene has exploded amongst the community. Top esports betting sites such as Unikrn remain updated to the minute on every single event and competition and is now the undisputed home of all things Esports. 

  • League of Legends

The complete epitome of all things good and geek ever since its inception all the way back in 2009, League of Legends is an absolute mammoth of a game. Made by developer Riot Games, it has cemented itself at the top of the competitive tree for some time and is widely seen as the ultimate Esport. 

A classic tower defence game in its design, League of Legends revolves around intense know-how of its gameplay, smart analysis and strategy in your set-up, total map and character awareness and thrilling clutch moments of gameplay that never fail to delight the game’s millions of fans around the world. The sheer amount of depth to this game has been its ultimate strength and is the number one reason why it has enjoyed so much longevity over the years, something rarely seen in the gaming world. 

For a true, real experience in the competitive gaming scene, League of Legends is the game for you. Major competitions such as League’s very own ‘Worlds’ series never fail to bring out the passion from the professional players within the game, as well as the millions of fans that crowd around their screens from around the world. 

Get Involved

Esports is a scene that anyone can get into and enjoy. With so much variety in the gameplay and titles in the scene at the moment, there is so much diversity potential fans can choose from. Whether it’s the thrills of a last minute screamer in a tough Fifa matchup, or the deep intensity of a clutch League of Legends match, this is the best time to dive into this exciting community and really get involved with the thrills and spills that come with it.