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Overcoming Substance Abuse: 3 Benefits of Teletherapy You Need to Know

As our world continues to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic, more and more of our appointments are being conducted over the phone, including medical ones. The same goes for therapy sessions, and if you’ve been considering therapy, don’t get discouraged by the fact that your sessions may be conducted over the phone.

Teletherapy is the method of conducting mental health therapy over the phone or online, and it’s gaining popularity fast. Many clients are seeking the benefits of teletherapy from the safety of their homes. As video conferencing calls gain traction, many therapists are turning to these types of software to give remote clients the help they need.

Have you been considering teletherapy but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Here, we’re going to share the incredible benefits that come with a teletherapy session. Just keep on reading to find out what they are.

1. Accessibility

One of the greatest benefits of teletherapy is the fact that it’s easily accessible to virtually anyone with a wifi connection. Clients don’t have to get in their car to commute to a clinic, nor do they have to wait in crowded waiting rooms for their session.

Also, some people face obstacles when it comes to attending traditional therapy. For instance: physical disabilities, time conflicts, and geographical location might make teletherapy appealing to clients in need of help with their substance abuse.

There are also other types of support groups available through teletherapy. Check out these online AA meetings!

2. Lower Costs

Teletherapy counseling can help clients save money on their substance abuse treatment.

Some therapists offer teletherapy sessions at reduced costs since clients won’t be getting the face-to-face experience, but the cheaper rates don’t mean that you aren’t getting the quality support you need. You’ll still be getting effective, individual one-on-one time with your therapist.

In addition to this, clients won’t have to pay for gas that will be used during the commute nor will they need to pay for childcare while they’re attending their sessions.

3. Safety During a Pandemic

Teletherapy mitigates the need for people to gather in small spaces such as a waiting room and helps reduce the spread of germs. Therapists themselves also benefit from this method because they are protected from the possibility of contracting a virus from one of the many clients they might interact with within one workday.

For higher-risk clients, this method of therapy delivery is preferred and helps to keep them safe. Plus, they’re reaping all of the benefits of a face-to-face therapy session without leaving the couch.

Reap the Benefits of Teletherapy Today

There are many reasons to schedule a teletherapy appointment today. Now that you’re aware of these great benefits of teletherapy, you can get the substance abuse help and support you need while staying safe at home.

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