December 9, 2019 0 Comments Environment

Things to Do When Someone Tells You Environmental Conservation Efforts are Futile

It’s irritating when someone tells you that there’s no hope for our environment. Even if we work together, there’s nothing we can do to reverse the fate of nature. There’s too much work that we have to do, and it’s too late. Each time you listen to these pessimistic people, it’s easy to lose hope. You can’t let this attitude prevent you from doing what’s right. These are the things to do each time someone tells you our environmental preservation efforts don’t matter. 

Present facts 

These people who keep arguing that it’s hopeless don’t know much about what’s going on. They’re too lazy to determine the truth, or they’re news feed gets bombarded with negative news all the time. Hence, they don’t realize that there are positive changes too. Let them know that in some areas, reforestation efforts worked. Some animal conservation efforts also worked. Telling them that their narrative is incorrect will most likely change their mind. 

Let them know it’s not always about big changes

If we keep thinking about big changes, it will always be disappointing. There’s nothing we can do to prevent the effects of global warming fully. However, if we try to change a few things within our control, it’s good enough. For instance, if you want to change your practices at home, you can do it with ease. You can try to segregate trash at home and even seek help from Evergreen Junk Removal in Jacksoneville to help dispose of your trash. If everyone makes these small changes, the results could be significant.

Doing something is better than nothing 

The people who are telling you that it’s hopeless are just too lazy to spend the time saving the environment. They would rather conclude that it’s hopeless, so they don’t have any responsibility. Yes, we might not reverse everything, but we can still make changes whenever we can. There will be lives, humans or otherwise, that will be better because of simple steps towards environmental preservation. 

There are others who make these conclusions not because they believe them, but because they want to make an excuse for the big companies behind the destruction of the environment. If we conclude that it’s hopeless, these companies will be free to do whatever they want. 

We can’t accept that it’s hopeless because we only have one earth to live on. If we destroy it completely, we have nowhere to go. You should feel bad for your children, who are yet to see the beauty of nature. 

Even if we fail and do not restore whatever we broke, it’s okay. In the end, you will not feel bad because you know you did what was right. You tried your best, and you worked with others towards saving the environment.

Think of ways to contribute to the preservation of nature rather than making things worse. Engage with people who tell you it’s hopeless and make them realize that it’s not yet the end. If you allow their narrative to win, it will be terrible for all of us.