March 12, 2020 0 Comments Auto

Mazda3: See What Makes the Canadian Car of the Year So Special

Everybody enjoys driving more after the snow begins to melt in the early days of Spring, but if you want to really take it up a notch, try driving the car that the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada declared 2020 Canadian Car of the Year — the Mazda3.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Mazda3 so special.

i-Activ All Wheel Drive

The Mazda3 sedan and the hatchback sport was completely redesigned: now, the Mazda3 is available with i-Activ All Wheel Drive, an extremely popular feature found in other Mazda cars but had never been available in the beloved Mazda3 until now. The i-Activ AWD continually monitors road and driving conditions using 27 sensors.

Whenever the vehicle forecasts that there’s a potential loss of traction, the system itself can boost torque to whatever wheel is experiencing slippage. This is how the Mazda3 drives with such sure-footing even when there’s rain, sleet or snow on the road.

The fusion of Mazda’s best-selling vehicle finally getting the manufacturer’s beloved i-Activ AWD system surely helped to make it Canadian Car of the Year.

Extra Fuel Efficient

Given the expensive costs of gas, every Mazda3 driver will love how fuel efficient this year’s version is. All Wheel Drive is wonderful for getting extra control on slippery roads, but it’s known for consuming a lot of gas to get it to work properly.

However, the 2020 Mazda3 has AWD technology that’s designed to be extremely fuel efficient. It only sends the burst of extra torque to the wheel that needs it right at the moment it’s needed.

Serene Sounding

Both the Mazda3 and Mazda3 Sport have an interior that minimizes unnecessary road noises. What you’ll hear is gentle engine noises so you retain the feel of driving, but any sign of clattering is gone.

The quietest interior ever offered by Mazda will heighten the feeling of connection between car and driver. Plus, the relative silence is the perfect sonic backdrop for the car’s Bose sound system.

With speakers placed in strategic locations throughout the cabin, you’ll hear ultra-clear audio at both low and high volumes. Shut out the outside world and turn up the music you love, with the new Mazda3.

Smartphone Connectivity

It’s extremely easy to get full and safe use out of your Apple or Android smartphone when you’re in the Mazda3. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come integrated with the system, so you can use voice commands or use the redesigned touchscreen to interact with the system.

Whether you have calls to make, emails or texts to answer, music to listen to or navigating to do, it’s all simple and safe when you’re in the Mazda3.

By combining Mazda’s signature Kodo design, the sophisticated i-Activ AWD and incorporating improvements to the media features, the 2020 Mazda3 is better than ever. Given that it has been a top seller around the world for years, it’s no surprise that the latest and most improved version won Canadian Car of the Year.