July 12, 2019 0 Comments Fashion, Shopping, Tech

The Best Phone Apps For Fashionistas

Tech-savvy fashionistas are constantly working their social media channels but are you aware of the wide range of apps which can significantly help you boost your fashion game?

If not then you could be missing out on new styles, hot trends and new lines which can help you to take your fashionista status to a whole new level. Check out these apps and make sure that you have your finger on the pulse of the fashion industry.


Shopstyle is already one of the hottest shopping websites that there is and with their handy app things just get even better. Find this app on both the Appstore and Android, and make sure that you never miss out on new arrivals and money-saving promotions.


This is one of the coolest apps out there for both buying and selling clothes, and it is like a trendier version of Shopstyle. When you want to sell an item you simply upload an image and the process is almost identical to Instagram. When buying simply DM the person with the clothes that you want to buy. The bets part of this app is the DIY nature of it and any fashionista should be heavily using the app.


The ultimate way of cataloging your clothing for easy wardrobe management is the app Cloth. Simply snap a shot of each item which you own and then upload it to your very own database. The next time you are heading out and lost for what to wear, flick through your digital closet, match up outfits and you’ll be good to go.


Only available on the Appstore this handy app will keep you fully up to date with what your favorite fashionistas are wearing. Once you open the app you can look for your favorite model or celeb and start tracking them. The app will constantly update with what they have been seen wearing recently, with handy links so that you can buy their style.


Polyvore follows the Pinterest approach to tagging, bookmarking and sharing your favorite styles and fashion tips. You can make boards, view other people’s boards and buy directly from the app, very addictive and super handy for any fashionista.

The Hunt

Looking for a piece which you saw once and never again? If so then this is the app which will help you track down those pieces. This is a community-based, social media-style app where everyone gets involved in solving the problems of the fashionista. This is available on both Android and the Appstore.

Vestiare Collective

Another community-based app which focuses on high end fashion lines, where you can get them, how you can get discounts and you can also buy and sell items directly on the app. The app is super easy to use and has a great interface which allows you to easily contact people, create wishlists and search for the hottest items.

If you don’t have these apps in your life, are you even a fashionista?