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3 Fun Group Activities That Include Alcohol

Sure, getting together and hanging out with your friends can be plenty of fun on its own. But you know what can make your bonding time even better? Booze!

When it comes to planning alcohol-based fun group activities, your options are pretty limitless. That said, we’ve narrowed down a few prime choices for you to consider for next Friday night.

Ready to start planning your ultimate night out? We’re here to help! Here are five fun group activities that include plenty of drinking.

A Boozy Painting Class

Want to bring home a handmade souvenir of your night out? Then why not sign you and your friends up for a painting class that lets you drink while you create your next masterpiece?

Paint and Sip classes aren’t exactly new, but they’ve become much more popular in recent years. While the majority y of the alcohol-based art classes center themselves around wine, there are plenty that features local craft brews, and some are even BYOB, so you can drink whatever you want!

Drinking Games

When it comes to bonding over alcohol, it’s hard to beat the classic drinking games. Whether you’re finding out more than you ever wanted to know about your friends over Never Have I Ever or showing off your untouchable Beer Pong or Flip Cup skills, there are dozens of fun games to help you have fun while getting buzzed.

You could also turn movie night into a fun group activity by playing a movie-based drinking game. There are already thousands of creative movie and TV show based drinking games out there that are sure to get you and your friends toasty by the time the credits roll. But, you can always team up to come up with a new one all your own!

The Classic Bar Crawl

Can’t decide on a single bar for your big night out? Then why not visit them all! Bar crawls are an ancient drinking tradition that sees thirsty travelers hop from tavern to tavern and down a drink at each one.

If you have a few favorite establishments within walking distance, you can map out your bar crawl. But, with a quick Google search, you can probably find a few pre-planned crawls that might introduce you and your group to a new favorite haunt.

No matter what fun group drinking activity you and your friends decide on, it’s imperative to make sure you get home safely once the night is finally over. So, consider bringing along a DD and going over designated driver responsibilities before hitting the town.

How to Plan a Fun Group Activities Based Around Booze

Now that you have a few fresh ideas of what you and your friends can get up to on your next big night out, it’s time to get planning! You should make sure you give everyone in your group plenty of time to plan — and as we said before, don’t forget to set up a way to get home before you head out!

Need a little more help planning fun group activities? We’ve got you covered. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles, tips, tricks, and hacks today!