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How Much Does Auto Window Tinting Typically Cost?

You’re driving around in your car one day when the sun’s rays are directly in your eyes, distracting you from driving.

By 2025, the market for buying auto tinting film is projected to be around $4.48 billion. Outside providing potential protection against the sun, many drivers have found that auto window tints help their driving experience. But while drivers have become interested in them, they don’t know what the exact cost of tinting their car’s windows are and what type to get.

If you need an accurate guide to finding the typical auto window tinting prices, then keep on reading.

Types of Auto Tinting

You may have seen tints on other cars, but did you know there are different types of auto window tints you can get? Here are some of the most common types of auto tinting.

Dye Polyester

This tint is most commonly applied in smaller shops and by individual tinters since it is budget-friendly. The dye is added to a polyester layer next to the tint’s adhesive, which is then applied to the window.

One downside is that the color of the tint can fade over time, and some have found it doesn’t provide enough protection from the sun. This may not be the case for all polyester tints, though.

Carbon Based

This easy replacement of polyester tints can be more helpful since the dye is attached to the carbon, which will block against UV rays from sunlight and IRs. Because of this, carbon-based tints will cool down your car.

One possible downside is that it can create glare and haze while driving. The glee and haze then make it difficult for the driver to see the road.


If having multiple layers of polyester and carbon sound great for your car, this is a good option for getting maximum sunblocking and heat reduction inside the car.


Ceramic window tinting is known as the highest quality auto tint you can get in a car shop. This is since there are no metals or dyes present in ceramic window tints. Instead, ceramic particles are present in the layering, which ends up not blocking any cell phone, GPS, or radio signals.

With a ceramic tint, it can help you save money in the long run. This is because you will not need AC, thereby reducing the amount of gas and power you use. Yet, the main downside is that ceramic tinting is very expensive.

Depending on how much you are willing to pay and the type of look you want for your car windows, any of these auto tints can work well for your car.

Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Car

Outside of making your car look better from the outside and helping you drive safely, there are other benefits to auto window tinting that you might not know about. Here are some of the benefits of tinting your car windows.

  • It blocks light, solar heat, and UV radiation
  • Protects the car interior from sun damage
  • Help reduce the number of cracks in the glass during an accident
  • Make it harder to see into a vehicle, thwarting any robbers

Auto window tinting is not just an aesthetic look – it can actually keep your car in good condition for years to come.

Doing the Auto Tinting at Home

If you want to tint your car cheaply and easily, you can save money by doing window tinting at home.

There are car tinting kits widely available that can help you get started on tinting your car, saving you hundreds of dollars. Make sure it is not your first time trying to do this yourself, and read the instructions carefully. If you need help, perhaps ask a friend with some previous experience to assist you.

You can also buy tinting paper online that can be sent to your home.

Hiring Car Tinting Services

If you don’t have the tools or means to tint your car’s windows at home, going to a car tinting service can be the best move when you want a professional touch. The benefits of hiring auto tinting services like Xtreme Auto Glass and Window Tint is that they:

  • Are knowledgable in local laws regarding window tinting regulations
  • Have higher quality materials helping stick the tint on
  • Can redo the tinting if it doesn’t come out right the first time

Rather than struggling with making sure the tint lasts for a long time without peeling, an auto tinting service can do it right the first time without a lot of hassle.

If you don’t feel confident trying to place on the tint yourself, investing in a professional auto tinting job.

What Does Auto Tinting Cost?

Out of the types of auto tinting listed earlier in the article, dyed window tints are the most affordable option. If you need a standard, non-reflective tint, you can expect to pay around $50 and $600. If you are looking for a sleek-looking tint, such as a ceramic or metallic tint, that price can jump to ranging from $100 to $800.

Auto window tinting costs could also depend on the size, make, and model of your car. For example, if the make of your car has steep or rear windows, you can expect the auto window tinting prices to jump higher.

Overall, the cost to tint can start at $120 for small cars and up to $380 for larger vans.

Make Sure It’s Legal

It’s necessary to be aware of any laws and regulations in your state regarding the opacity of the auto tint since they may vary state by state. The state typically provides the range of acceptable variable light transmission (VLT), which is the volume of light that passes through a window. Depending on where you live, the prices of auto tinting can fluctuate.

Consider Auto Window Tinting for Your Car

No matter which material you choose, there are different window tints that can provide good benefits for your car and driving experience. With your newfound awareness of auto window tinting and how much it costs, you can take the next step to see which window tinting is best for your car and wallet.

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