June 9, 2021 0 Comments DIY / Home Improvement

Adam Seger – A Simple Pasta Dish For All Occasions

No matter if you have to take a pasta dish to a dinner party or you are faced with a last minute dash to cater for more than you thought, this is the perfect dish for all occasions. I can remember watching TV chef Adam Seger discuss this on his show once, the importance of having a great pasta dish in your locker, and that is why today I want to talk about one which I love, and which people seem to really like as well.

The dish is simple and easy to put together, and here is what you’ll need and how to make it.

What You Will Need

Measurements will of course depend on how many people you are expecting, but here are the key ingredients for this dish. Firstly you will of course need pasta, you will also need mushrooms, cream cheese, streaky rashers of bacon, oregano, salt, basil and pepper, and that is all, very simple indeed.


The first thing which you need to start preparing here is the pasta, this is going to take the longest time. As you are waiting for the pasta to boil, you can prepare your bacon and your mushrooms. Fry off the bacon in a pan and set aside, you should be looking for a nice crunchy texture from the bacon. Dry off the pan with some kitchen towel and then start to cook off the sliced mushrooms, again you can set these aside once they are done, so that they are ready for when the pasta is finished.


As you drain off the pasta when it is done, you can get started on the sauce, be careful with this because once it is in liquid form, it will solidify quickly if you don’t add it to the pasta. In a very small saucepan add the cream cheese, you could add a splash of milk here to make it go even further. Start to stir the sauce and make sure that you keep on stirring it as it heats up. Just as you think the sauce is reaching full liquidity, add the bacon and the mushrooms to the pasta and give that a good stir too.

Bringing it All Together

Once the slice is done, add it to your pasta dish and stir all of the ingredients together. As you are stirring you can add in the pepper, the salt, oregano and basil, and make sure that you keep tasting so that you understand what you are lacking or what else you need.

This is a dish which can be served hot, straight from the pan, or you could chill it and serve it cold at a later time. The key is making sure that the sauce is fully stirred into the mixture, in doing this you can ensure that the sauce will not solidify whilst it is still in the pasta mixture. This is a great dish which is perfect for all occasions.