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What is a ring light and how to use it?

Do you love scrolling on Instagram or killing time on TikTok? And do you wish that you could take pictures and make videos like the people that you follow? Then search no more: we have the ultimate tip for you to greatly improve your photos and videos! Have you ever heard of a ring light?

The secret to success on social media

The secret to any good picture or video is excellent lighting. Light can make or break your image. In the past, we were dependent on natural lighting. It gives the best light for pictures and it doesn’t create a lot of shading and lines. But natural light is hard to come by. If you completely rely on natural light, you can only make videos and take pictures for a few hours a day. And you can’t just shoot anywhere. You need to be outside or near a window to get proper lighting. This is just not working for everyone. And don’t even think about using the flash for taking pictures. It never works the way you want it to.

We thought that studio lamps could fix the problem. There was a time that every influencer started setting up a small studio with reflectors and lights for making videos and taking selfies. But creating a personal studio isn’t as easy as it seems and it is expensive too! Besides, not everyone has the space for all that equipment and what are you going to do when you want to relocate? Luckily, all those problems are now in the past since the introduction of the ring light.

What is a ring light?

If you aren’t familiar yet with the ring light, keep reading. It might be the answer to all your social media problems. A ring light is a lighting tool for your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC. It’s a ring made up of LEDs that you can place around the camera of your device. You simply turn it on, adjust the settings to your liking and you have the best possible lighting for every picture and video. Because of the placement of the light, the whole image is well-lit. It doesn’t create any harsh lines or shadows and you can select the type of light and the intensity.

There are different types of ring lights available. The most commonly used one is the ring light for smartphones. This is the smallest one that can be placed on the phone. It is ideal for taking selfies, group shots, food pictures, and everything you do on social media. If you want a more professional setting for taking pictures, there is also a ring light on a stand. This ring light is placed on a tripod and the camera is placed in a holder. You can move it around to your liking and you have the perfect setup for making portraits or product shots. If you want better lighting for work, there is also a ring light that can be used on tablets, laptops, and PCs. This ring light is a bit bigger and it fits around the camera perfectly. It’s the ideal solution for remote working and video conferences.

How to use the ring light

Using the ring light is really as easy as described above. You simply click the ring onto your smartphone, around the camera, and you’re done. Before you start taking pictures, it is smart to test out the settings by taking a picture in your favorite app. You can immediately see if you like the warmth and the intensity of the lighting or if you need to adjust it a bit. After that, you are all set. You now have the best lighting for every picture and every video, whether you are inside or outside and whether it is day or night!

Not only is the ring light easy to use, but it is also easy to take with you wherever you go. The ring light for smartphones is really small and lightweight. You can take it along with you and just click it on whenever you need it. And you don’t need to worry about batteries or chords. You can charge the ring light through a USB at home. Once it is fully charged, it will last quite some time.